Snow Sports & Race Update Sept 2017

Snowsports & Race Update


As many of you know, we have been working through some major projects at the Board level these past few years. As our club continues to grow and evolve we remain committed to the delivery of top notch instruction and we want to instill a lifelong passion for skiing – whether our members are enrolled in competitive or fun race programs, freestyle, snowboarding, snowshoeing, cross-country and all types of outdoor fun.


We felt it was time to look hard at some of these programs to determine how we may better accommodate the changing needs of our club and membership.  After a great deal of reflection and input from our members, we determined it was time to take our Heights SnowSport, Race and Alpine Programs in a new direction.  While skill and experience were important criteria, we also wanted to ensure we found an individual who would fit into our unique Heights culture.  We also wanted someone who would push us to the next level of accountability,  performance and enjoyment.


After an exhaustive search, we are pleased to announce that Brad Taylor, will join as our new program leader.  Brad comes highly recommended, has a wealth of experience and has put a ton of miles across many Ontario ski hills over the course of his career.  He also happens to be local to Ontario. We are very excited to have Brad onboard and we look to our future with much hope and enthusiasm. 


That said, we believe it is important to recognize the passion, dedication and commitment we received from Jeff Sinclair  over the last 9 years and Geoff Booth over the last 17 years.  It would be impossible for us to look so positively at our future if we were not able to stop, look back and reflect on how far we’ve come as a club.  Under the leadership of Jeff and Geoff, our club has grown from a small independent club t that’s is now on the ski map in Ontario.  We want to thank both of them for their professionalism throughout this process, but most importantly we want to thank them for their significant contribution. They have built solid programs and a great culture of learning and passion for skiing and our intent moving forward is to build on that foundation.  


Change is hard.  Our ski community in Ontario is very small.  We move into this next chapter with a deep respect for the team that got us to where we are today and we look forward to maintaining these great relationships as we move forward. 


Brad officially starts his new role on October 1, 2017.  He will be at the AGM on October  21st 2017 and we look forward to welcoming him in person at that time.  In the meantime, we have provided you with Brad’s bio below because as coaches and instructuctors, administrators and volunteers; street creds are good but attention to certification and detail orientation have to be the foundation. Welcome Brad!!



Andrew Coulson & Samantha Bergeron


Brad Taylor

National Coaching Institute (Toronto) – Diploma

C.S.C.F  Level 3, C.S.I.A. Level 3, Level 3 Official

Alpine Canada Course Facilitator, Mentor Evaluator

Australian Sports Institute – Level 2 Coach 

Director of Alpine Sports, The Heights Ski Club



My alpine experience started at Devil’s Elbow where I grew up skiing and participating in the racing program.   At 16, I attended my first coaching course and was instantly drawn to coaching and managing Alpine athletes.  While studying at Carleton University, I secured a full time coaching position at Camp Fortune and later was hired as the F.I.S. Coach with the National Capital Division Ski Team.  This experienced lead to accepting the  F.I.S. Head Coach position at Devil’s Glen, as well as opportunities at the Toronto Ski Club and Beaver Valley.

When not on the hill, I was on the rugby pitch and by 1993, was playing 1st Division rugby in Ontario.  At  the end of that season I decided to travel to the Southern Hemisphere to develop my own personal sporting interests. Rugby provided me working and playing opportunities in New Zealand, Fiji, South Africa, England and Australia, where I lived and worked until 2001. 

As skiing is my  first passion, I travelled back to Ontario and between 2002 and 2005 was the Race Program Director for Blue Mountain Resorts.  Additionally in 2003,  I purchased my first restaurant in Meaford, Ontario.  With the sale of the restaurant in 2006,  I moved to Alberta to work with FIS/Nor Am Athletes and eventually secured private coaching contracts with Europa/World Cup level athletes from various countries. The experience working alongside some of ski industry's best coaches and athletes has provided me great insight into how best to design strong club programs to provide opportunities and strategies to allow our developing athletes the best opportunity for success. 

Returning to Toronto in 2009, I took on the position as Regional Executive Chef for Moxies Corporate Restaurants.  After that, I positioned myself into hospitality management and managed several high volume corporate restaurants.  In 2015, I revived a restaurant in the Beach area of Toronto and another in 2016 in Leslieville, with the intention to sell both as viable businesses when the time was right.

All throughout my time in the hospitality industry, I continued to facilitate and mentor young coaches as a C.S.C.F Course Conductor. My most recent role was as F.I.S. Coach for Caledon ski club. 

With the restaurant sales complete, I look forward to building on past accomplishments at The Heights. Both Jeff Sinclair and Geoff Booth have left large shoes to fill. I feel confident that my approach to an athlete/student centered, coach/instructor driven program design is the best way to achieve results for all stakeholders

Brad Taylor


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