The Hurricane Report Feb 15 2017




Parents and athletes are invited to attend the information session for the 2017 Jay Peak pre-season race camp in the clubhouse on Saturday February 18th at 3 p.m. The race camp is for all competitive racers.  Coach Wayne will be on hand to discuss the training schedule for the athletes.


Friday training continues this Friday at The Heights for the U10/U12/U14 & U16 athletes that are registered.  Please watch your inbox for your confirmation email with respect to Friday.

Due to Men’s Day on Friday, February 24th, Friday training will take place at Mount St. Louis.  The training will consist of free skiing with lots of technical ski drills.  Technical ski drills can consist of footwork and agility drills, edging, pressure control, fore/aft/lateral balance, turn shape, rhythm, linking, flow and developing fluidity and movement related to turn shape and radius, developing or refining a proper pole plant.

March 3rd will be the final scheduled Friday training day at The Heights for all U groups.

Please remember registration for Friday training closes every Sunday night at 8:00 p.m.



Friday, February 17th – U10 Invitational @ Mansfield

Saturday, February 18th – U14 SL @ Snow Valley

Sunday, February 19th – U16 SL @ Heights

Monday, February 20th – U12 Family Day Invitational SL @ Craigleith


Good luck to all our athletes.




Congratulations to the following athletes:


February 12 KOM @ Snow Valley     

4th – Stella Hong                                                          

3rd – Bobby Conacher                                                         

4th – Graydon Laraway                                                           

5th – Liam McKay

8th – Bobby Conacher 


February 12 SL @ Snow Valley  

3rd – Magnolia Conacher
7th – Alyssa Yeshin 
3rd – Rowan Judge 
8th – Finn Pettit-Carruthers 
9th – Cole Thistlethwaite                                                                  

U14/U16 Race Finals Weekend


Alpine Ontario has now finalized the race calendar for the U14/U16 final race weekend.  The races are age (year of birth)/gender split.  The schedule is as follows:


Saturday Feb. 25

U14 - 2004 Males – GS at Georgian Peaks


Sunday Feb. 26

U14 - 2004 Females – GS at Jozo

U14 – 2003 Females – SL at Devil’s Glen

U14 – 2003 Males – SL at Craigleith

U16 – 2001 Females/Males – SL at Mansfield

U16 – 2002 Females – GS at Caledon

U16 – 2002 Males – GS at Osler




Club championships will take place on March 4thAll competitive athletes are automatically registered and will be assigned a bib number which will be printed on a label to be affixed to their Heights ski pass.  Location of check in will be set out in the next newsletter along with the race schedule.




Plans are underway for the 2017 race banquet.  The banquet will take place in the evening on March 4th so please set this evening aside on your calendar.  Race banquet details will be in the next newsletter.

Train hard, race well and always give it your best effort.