On Line Club Accounts Registration

I’m happy to announce the Heights online statement program is live, this will allow each member  to manage your Club account and review all charges.

To get started

Step 1:

Log on to http: www.heightsscc.com

Scroll along  the top  of the page and click Home and a drop down box with  Member Log will appear


Step 2:

As this the first time you must register ,  go to the bottom  of the page and click   “Member registration “ ( one time only  to set your account up )


Step 3:

You must use your Member number, (found on your Heights pass or on previous statements ) this will allow you to start you profile, you will the select a user name and password of your choice.

You will see a notice that the system is processing your statements  marked in red this is a one-time upload and can take up to an hour.

If you having trouble there is a help button on the Landing page with instructions


Step 4:

You will  receive a conformation email from Sheri saying you are registered.

You will have access to 6 months of statements that you can review and check the chit details.

There is also a Member roster that you have the ability to edit you profile with what information you would like other members to see, I have only place you Club Photo  against your name .

Club Account will be run on the 15th & 30th each month during  operating season , December – March.


If you have any questions please contact the Office.


Samantha Bergeron

General Manager, Heights of Horseshoe

Local (705) 835 7887  X 103