The Heights Ski & Country Club

The Heights Ski & Country Club, which began in 1989, is located on 102 acres of land in beautiful Oro-Medonte Township and is home to 27 private runs ranging from green to double black diamond which can be enjoyed all day long. Rumour has it that the original owner of the property acquired it after doing extensive studies over a four-year period. He enlisted the help of hundreds of farmers across the province and had them measure and record the snow that fell, the dates and the duration of the time that the snow stayed on the ground. After this long study, he came to the conclusion that the best snow in Ontario was in a little town named Hungry Hollow.
Once the property was purchased, the new owner went for a stroll one day, stood atop a hill looking out over his newly acquired property and realized that he needed a name for this vast land. As he gazed out over the hills with the lush forests and span of green valley, he noticed a familiar shape…a horseshoe. With this thought the community Horseshoe Valley was born. The valley’s picturesque settings and rolling hills determined its destiny as the fabulous Alpine and Nordic site we have all come to love.
Over the years, many people have enjoyed what Mother Nature has provided for us here at The Heights. The memories that have been shared and continue to be created within families, generation after generation, speak for themselves. However, we understand that some need to see it to believe it.


The Heights Ski & Country Club Early 2000`s
The Evolution of The Heights Logo
 Club inception to 2010
 20th anniversary 2011
 Change in name 2014

New Look
New Clubhouse
New Season
New Logo - 2015


A current Heights Member in his younger days.