Houses of The Heights


Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy

When it comes to amazing views, the ladies’ Wengen is Cortina d’Ampezzo. Located within the Dolomites Unesco cultural heritage site, Cortina’s downhill starts in front of the three-peaked Tofane and immediately falls off the insanely steep Tofanaschuss, next to sharp-edged cliffs. The Olimpia track is where legendary Toni Sailer won gold in the men’s downhill at the 1956 Games.
Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
Today, there are two Kandahar courses in the twin town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, #1 for ladies and #2 for men. While the ladies’ course boasts a gradient of 85 per cent, the men’s course reaches a whopping 92 per cent. First raced in 2009 at full length, it entails the steepest stretch among all the annual World Cup slopes.
Kitzbühel, Austria
No list of the most challenging downhills would be complete without the famous and feared Hahnenkamm Races on Kitzbühel’s Streif. The key facts are famed: 85 per cent gradient, 60-metre jumps, 860-metre altitude drop, twisting and turning; parts of the racecourse are not even groomed for normal skiing. For more details, make sure to watch the new film 'Streif – One Hell of a Ride' (
Wengen, Switzerland
At 4,415 metres, the Lauberhorn downhill is the longest on the FIS World Cup tour. Not only does it take over two-and-a-half minutes to ski, it is also the track with the fastest recorded speeds, including the unofficial record of 161.9 km/h, set by Frenchman Johan Clarey in January 2013. No wonder that the racers are gasping for air when they cross the finish line.

We’re excited to announce the launch of Houses of Heights.  


What is Houses of Heights?  

Named after four of the most challenging downhill races in the world - Cortina, Garmisch, Kitzbuhel and Wengen, Houses of Heights encourages participation in club activities and helps members meet other members across programs.  It’s member led, voluntary and above all it’s fun!


How will it work?  

All Heights families have been sorted (using a very special ski helmet) into one of the Houses of Heights.  All family members will belong to the same House.


House points will be awarded for participation, effort and achievement on and off the slopes.  


The house with the highest number of house points on Saturday, March 4, 2017 will be declared the 2017 Houses of Heights winner, receiving a trophy and full bragging rights.


How do I get house points?  

There are lots of ways to get house points!


Actively participate in lessons, race training, race day and programs.  Coaches and instructors will award house points for effort and achievement at their discretion.


Participate in club activities (bingo night, Ladies Day, casino night, chili cook off) and receive 10 house points.  For some events there will be additional house points awarded for achievement (these will be announced at the time of the activity).


Volunteer on race day and receive 10 house points (coat runners, bib collectors, gate judges, race crew)


Participate in non-programmatic activities (pilates, snowshoe, cross country, free ski/board) and receive 10 house points.


Participate in special Houses of Heights activities and receive 10 house points.  For some events, there will be additional house points awarded for achievement (these will be announced at the time of the activity)


A list of how to get house points is included below and will be posted in the office.


What do house points look like and how will you keep track of them?

House points will be awarded in the form of poker chips (each chip is worth 10 house points).  You will either be given a chip for participation, effort or achievement or, for non-programmatic activities, pick up a chip from the office.


Chips will be placed in House boxes in the office (make sure you put yours in the box for your house!)


House parents will count the points each week and the total will be shared through the newsletter and posted in the office.


What is a house parent?

House parents will encourage you to participate and make sure that house points are counted.  House parents for 2017 are:



House Parents


Lyanne Rouse

Hatem Zarrouk


Owen Morgan

Caroline Conacher

Marni Halpern


Samantha Boardman

Erin Clancy

Karin Muchall


Kim Taylor

Raj Dilawri


When does this start?

House points will start being awarded from Friday, 13 January for race training and Pub Night.  Chips for non-programmatic activities will be available in the office from Saturday 14 January


There will be special Houses of Heights activities on Saturday, 14 January, including “Houses of Heights Human Bingo” and “Create Your House Poster”.  Activities will start after programs finish (around 3pm) and continue until Bingo Night starts (and another chance to get house points!)


Please come and join us!


If you have any questions about Houses of Heights, please reach out to your house parents.


House points



House Points

Points awarded by

Effort and achievement during lessons, programs, race training, race day

Various (coach discretion)


Volunteering on race day (coat runner, bib collector, race crew, gate judge, commentator)

10 per activity

Team Manager

Non-programmatic activities (snowshoe, free ski/board, pilates, cross country ski)

10 per activity

Honor system.  Pick up chip from office

Participation in club activities (bingo night, chili cook off, Ladies Day)

10 per activity

House parent or representative at activity

Achievement in club activities

Various (will be communicated at the event)

House parent or representative at activity

Participation in Houses of Heights activities (Human Bingo, Create Your Poster)

10 per activity

House parent or representative at activity

Achievement in Houses of Heights activities

Various (will be communicated at the event)

House parent or representative at activity